Rent Mercedes Metris Passenger SUV VAN for up to 7

Rent this great minivan for you and your family trip. Or just for fun when you go away with your friends.

The Mercedes Metris Van fits comfortably 7 people. Metris is an easy to drive vehicle that will work in the city just as well as it does on an open road from city to city.

A perfect fit for the traveler who requires space for luggage, supplies, various equipment while traveling, a masculine yet stylish SUV has the strength, versatility, and horsepower to take you almost anywhere you desire to visit.

Rent this fabulous minivan no matter you are on your most beloved family trip or going for a business tour. Our experienced drivers will expressly take care that you will not feel dull or tired during your journey. The Mercedes Metris SUV Van is a perfect fit for up to 7 passengers.

Rent an SUV with Sprinter Van and get it at your doorsteps simply in 15 to 20 minutes. Our Mercedes Metris Passenger SUV Van is always ready to pick you from your venue and then drop to your destination. We have a specific focus on the safety and security of our passengers that’s why we have ensured all our vehicles with a superior insurance policy.